Naked Bicycle Ride Among Unusual Environmental Protests

29 11 2009

Think a naked bicycle ride is an unusual  environmental protest?

Environmental activists can be quite crazy. This is one of many unusual protests  done in recent years.

The World Naked Bike Ride  is an annual protest  of  indecent exposure to  vehicle emissions.

Photo courtesy of Monsters and Critics

It seems that environmental activists will do just about anything to express their views.

Take Jennifer Thornburg, for example. According the environmental blog, “Webecoist,” Thornburg changed her name to in an effort to protest dissection in schools. Her driver’s license is proof that she made this change.

photo courtesy of

Another unusual environmental protest  took place in Denmark. According to Webecoist, three journalism  students got their Facebook profiles deleted after they posted pictures of themselves eating feral cat.

Photo courtesy of The MorningStarr


Why would someone eat cat, you  might ask?

The three women were trying to draw attention to factory farming.

These protests  were definitely extreme. But were they effective? Well, if nothing else, the protests got a lot of attention.




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