Partyin’ It Up the Green Way

24 01 2010
Sports and the environment?

The two have never been connected. Until now, that is.

I found an interesting story in this week’s “USA Weekend”, a supplement of the Hartford Courant published every weekend, about how to have an eco-friendly Super Bowl Party.

Here are the tips that were given:

  1. E-vites- There are multiple advantages to emailing invitations as opposed to mailing them. In addition to the fact that the method saves on paper, it is also much faster to send and reply to e-vites.
  2. Downplay the Decor- Decorations aren’t necessary, but if you must decorate, chose ec0-friendly decorations. LED lights are a good option. Other good ideas from  are using items around the house to make decorations and  borrowing decorations from family and friends.
  3. Organic Food/Beverages-  Organic food and beverages are not only eco-friendly, but are healthier than other options. Instead of chips and dips, try serving cut-up vegetables and hummus. Beers from local microbreweries  and organic juices are other great options.
  4. Non-paper products- Use real dishes and silverware to limit the amount of waste you and your guests generate.

So when you watch the game, you can cheer for more than one reason. Not only can you cheer on your team, but by greening up your party, you are showing your appreciation for the environment as well.

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