Colleges Introduce Sustainability into Curriculum

23 03 2009

Many universities and colleges across the country have embraced the green trend by initiating education and outreach activities, but some schools have taken it one step further.

Montclair State University in Montclair, N. J. and Arizona State University are among the colleges across the country that have added sustainability classes to their curriculum.

Click here for a NBC News report about this trend.

According to a recent New York Times story, Dr. Saarkar, a professor at MSU, helped start  a PHD program in environmental management. His goal, according to the New York Times, is “to produce scientists who understand policy, and policy people who understand science”.

Saarkar is responsible for recruiting PHD students and  is looking for students interested in such areas as  green technology, alternative energy sources, global climate change and human health.

ASU is the first college in the country to create a school focused on sustainability, located at the main campus in  Tempe, A.Z., where my brother attends.

ASU has two options: a BA in sustainability  or a BS in sustainability. According to the university’s website, the B.S. program “introduces students to the concept of sustainability in the context of real world problems, exploring the interaction of environmental, economic, and social systems” and is best suited “to those inclined toward natural resources, economics and engineering.” Students can choose from a variety of tracks: sustainable energy and technology, materials and technology, economics of sustainability, and sustainable ecosystems. The B.A. program, the website says, is best suited to those inclined toward social sciences, planning or related fields.

My brother has decided to do the B.A. program.