Restaurant Owners Think Beyond Dollar Signs

18 02 2009
A picture of Ted Turner at his restaurant, Teds Montana Grill

A picture of Ted Turner at his restaurant, "Ted's Montana Grill"

Restaurant owners are beginning to be concerned about more than just profit.

When Ted Turner opened his first restaurant, he wasn’t thinking dollar signs. He was thinking about how he could help the environment.

Turner’s restaurant, “Ted’s Montana Grill”,is one of many restaurants around the country that uses recycled products.  The menus and straws are  made of recycled paper and the to-go cups are made of cornstarch that biodegrades in landfills in 50 days. The take-home containers are also biodegradable and have been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

In addition to using recycled products, the restaurant also tries to conserve energy and water. 66 solar panels were installed on the roof of one of their restaurants in Tallahasee, Florida, according to the restaurant’s website.

“Ted’s Montana Grill” is  one of many restaurants across the country certified by the Green Restaurant Association. These restaurants meet the following standards:

  1. Use of a comprehensive recycling program for all products accepted by local recycling companies
  2. Free of styrofoam products
  3. Commit to completing four environmental steps per year of membership
  4. Complete at least one environmental step after joining the GRA

For more information about the Green Restaurant Trend, watch the following podcast from the “Ted’s Montana Grill” website.

Turner, a media entreprenaur and philanthropist, and George MCKerrow Jr, a restauranteur, opened the first“Ted’s Montana Grill” in January 2002 in Columbus, Ohio. They currently own over 50 restaurants in 18 states, including one in South Windsor, Conn.

I visited the South Windsor location and let me tell you, the food doesn’t disappoint. In addition to being eco-friendly, the restaurant offers a wide assortment of meats and other foods of very high quality.