Green Fashion for Kids

28 03 2009

Want your  kid to look stylish?

There are many cute, eco-friendly fashion options for children.

Tiny Revolutionary, an eco-friendly company, sells  children’s T-shirts made from organic cotton and water-based dyes. The T-shirts range in price from  $22.50 to $30.

These tee-shirts, which project messages such as recycling, peace, and alternative fuel,  are both cute and comfortable.  The shirts are 100 percent sweatshop-free.  I almost wish I was a kid so I could wear one of them!


Luckily, there are plenty of companies that make eco-friendly tee-shirts for adults. Tiny Revolutionary also makes teeshirts for youth and adults. Another company, Shirts of Bamboo,  based in St. Pete, F.L., makes an assortment of T-shirts from bamboo. The women’s T-shirts are all $26.

Not a bad price to pay to be environmentally friendly!