Rebates Offered For Energy Star Products

26 01 2010

Following the rebate programs for energy-efficient car purchases and for solar energy projects, states are now  offering rebates for energy- efficient appliance purchases.

According to an article in Sunday’s Hartford Courant, $3.4 million dollars will be distributed during the Connecticut program, which began yesterday and  continues through April 30. It is part of a national $296 million stimulus program administered by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Here’s a youtube video explaining a  similar program going into effect in Massachusetts next month:

Rebates, ranging from $50 to $500, are available for specific Energy Star appliances. The list of qualified appliances includes refrigerators, clothes washers, and freezers.

When discussing the program with my parents, who bought a new washer and dryer two or three years ago, they said they wished they waited to make those purchases.

I’m sure many other homeowners in Connecticut feel the same way.

There a few restrictions to this program. Appliances must replace existing models to qualify. Also, appliances purchased before yesterday are ineligible.

I just have one more question: Why is this program temporary? I feel that it would have a greater impact if it lasted for a  longer period of time.

The article says that it is unknown whether these funds will be replenished. Why isn’t this a certainty? I don’t understand why more money hasn’t been invested in this program, especially since environmental issues are at the top of Obama’s agenda, but it seems like this is a trial period for the program.

The program has an interesting concept, but there are a lot of questions I have left unanswered.

If you are interested in the program, go to www. rebate for more i nformation and rebate forms. If you need a form mailed, call 1-877-947-3873.




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