Walmart Steps Up its Environmental Efforts

26 04 2009

Walmart, the largest department store chain in the world,  recently announced plans to double the amount of solar energy it uses. According to a recent USA Today story, the store will setup solar panels  on 10 to 20 stores and distribution centers throughout California.

The project will take a year and a half to be finished and  is part of an environmental campaign the store unveiled four years ago. All of the chain’s solar energy project will generate enough clean energy to power 2,600 homes and avoid 22,500 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions each year.

Those who want to produce solar energy can! Here is proof that its fairly simple to setup a home solar system.

Walmart has chosen to hire BP Solar, an international company, to make, own, maintain and install the solar system. According to Jigar Shah, a consultant and founder of SunEdison, America’s leading solar energy service provider, Wal-mart would probably have to spend more than $2 million per store if it purchased the setup.

Walmart is among many retailers, including Target, Macys and Whole Foods, to announce solar projects in the past two years. According to the USA Today story, 20 to 30 percent of the store’s power now comes from solar energy.

The store’s environmental campaign will be key in helping the state of  California achieve its goal to  get 33 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.




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