Wearing your Green

18 04 2009

Fashionistas need not worry. It is now fashionable to be eco-friendly.

The Union Square Ballroom in New York City held the “Green Arm Candy Party” on Monday, a show featuring eco-friendly handbags designed by companies like Teich, Canopy Verde, Ashley Watson, Feed, and Rume, among others. It was hosted by the website bagtrends.com.

My favorite handbag companies featured at the convention are Canopy Verde and  Jane Marvel.

This is my favorite design by Canopy Verde:

The lining and fabric of this bag, called “Chicory Hobo”, are made from a combination of bamboo and organic cotton. The bag has an open back pocket, interior pockets  and a hidden magnet that keeps the front flap in place and comes in three colors: chocolate, ivory, and black. At $169, the bag is pricey, but cheap compared to many designer bags that look similar.

This is my favorite bag designed by Jane Marvel:

I love the bag’s bright colors and its sleek design. The website doesn’t mention what the bag is made of, but I’m assuming its made of plastic. This would be the perfect bag for a day of shopping in the city, and at $56, who could go wrong!

Did I inspire you to be both stylish AND ecofriendly? I sure hope so!




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