Now Even Hollywood is Going Green

11 03 2009

Hollywood, known for its materialism and extravagances, is now going green.

Well, kind of.

Some of T.V.’s major networks are embracing the green trend. According to a New York Times article, Fox announced that its show “24” will be the first “carbon neutral” T.V.  series.

A list of things Fox has done to be greener:

  1. hired consultants to measure the carbon dioxide input from production
  2. started using 20 percent biodiesel fuel in trucks and generators
  3. installed motion monitors in bathrooms and kitchens to make the lights more efficient
  4. paid the higher fees  that help California ultilities buy wind and solar power.

Click on the following link for a public service announcement (PSA) by Kiefer Sutherland, one of the show’s stars.

Kiefer Sutherland, star of 24

Kiefer Sutherland, star of "24"

The network,  unable to eliminate  car crashes, a key element of the show, resorted to using carbon credits  that offset 1,291  tons of carbon dioxide, just over a half-season’s worth of carbon  emissions, according to the New York Times story.

“If we’ve needed a car chase, we’ve had a car chase,”  Howard Gordon, executive producer of “24”, told the New York Times. “Our obligation is first and foremost to the fans. If we have budget cuts and need to save money, then we’ll have fewer car crashes.”

The following graph shows the emissions from Season 7 of “24”.

Fox wasn’t the first network to go green.  In November, NBC committed to greening three shows, including Saturday Night Live (SNL). Warner Brothers and Disney made similar decisions.

Click here for the complete case study of Fox’s green efforts.




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