An Unusual Green Product: Biodegradable Bed Pans

3 03 2009

I thought I had found the most unusual “green” product out there but apparently, I was wrong.

Manure  flowerpots are bizarre, but get a “load” of this product.

Kristin Underwood of San Diego, Calif. wrote a post about biodegradable bed pans on “Treehugger”, a blog about environmental issues. The bed pans are made from recycled telephone books and beeswax and can be flushed after use.

Image courtesy of Vernacare

Image courtesy of Vernacare, a company in Toronto that manufactures the bed pans

In doing my research for this blog, I continue to be amazed by the ways that society is attempting to be more environmentally friendly. There seem to be “green” products for all purposes.

When I started reading Kristin’s blog post, I thought the idea was silly.  Sure, the bed pans are biodegradable. But will they make that much of a difference on the environment?

After reading more, my opinion changed.  Biodegradable bed pans enable hospitals to keep more of the waste they produce out of landfills.

This is just one of the many green initiatives in New Jersey hospitals. The Princeton University Medical Center, currently under construction, is costing an estimated $44o million  and will have various green features, such as panels on the side of the building to reduce heat/cooling bills and rooms with sensors that dim the lights.

Biodegradable bed pans.  What will they think of next?




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5 03 2009

Good job!

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