A Green Wedding

8 02 2009

Young couples sometimes search for ways to make their weddings unique.

How about making it green?

There are many different ways to make a wedding environmentally friendly. This video from Youtube offers  tips for the reception:

In addition to local brews, another option is organic alcohol. According to an article on the ABC News website, in order to be certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture,  a spirit must be made of ingredients made on certified organic farms and processed in a certified organic distillery That means no pesticides or fertilizers on the grains and no nitrogen or other chemicals in the distilling process.

Here are some other tips:

1)Flowers-Grow your own or order organic ones. Organicbouquet.com sells a dozen lavender roses for $50 and a dozen white roses for the same price.   Another option would be to use silk flowers.  Not only is this an  environmentally friendly option, but it would save a lot of money.

2) Invitations- There are many different manufacturers of 100 percent recycled, partially recycled or tree-free invitations. Green Field  Paper  in San Diego is one option for tree-free invitations;  the cards are embedded with seeds and you can put them in the soil and grow plants!

3) Rings- Even a wedding ring can be eco-friendly. According to the website nodirtygold.com, gold mining is one of the dirtiest businesses in the world and the production of gold ring results in 20 tons of mine waste.  Three great options for eco- conscious jewelry are Apollo Rings, a manmade alternative to diamonds and two companies selling wooden jewelry: Touch Wood Rings and Chicago Joinery.


4) Wedding dresses- There are many eco-friendly options for a wedding dress. You could always rent, buy or borrow a dress. Not only are these options green, but they are very inexpensive! For the women that want their own dress, there are other options. Organic Weddings, Conscious Clothing, and Threadbare Creations are three companies selling wedding dresses made of organic fabrics, such as hemp,  organic cotton, linen, tencel and silk.





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