Green Transportation: Electric, Hybrid Only Two Options

3 02 2009

Cars are convenient. They are a fast and reliable means of transportation.

In America, cars are taken for granted.  Americans don’t realize that  owning a car is a privilege; a luxury many don’t have.

A environmentally hazardous luxury.

Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the major contributors to global warming. According to the website of the Environmental Protection Agency, about a third of the energy-related gases come from transportation.

Many major car manufacturers are doing their part to raise awareness about the present condition of the environment. General Motors currently offers 8 hybrid vehicles, electric  and fuel cell vehicles which run on E85 ethanol, an alternative fuel made mostly corn and biomaterial.

While these cars are environmentally friendly, they aren’t  very kind to your  wallet.   The 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, for example, can run up to $53,000.

Want to be green, but can’t afford a hybrid or electric car? No worries. There are plenty of ways to do so without breaking  the bank.

1. Public Transportation- Buslines are available in all major cities in addition to trains and taxis. Taking public transportation may require some planning as far as knowing the schedule of your transportation means. If you aren’t fond of the idea, you’ll soon warm up to it when you realize how much money it saves you.

2. Commute- Arrange a carpool with some of your work buddies or with your friends when doing errands. Carpools enable you to save on both gas and money. And wouldn’t you rather have company than be alone?

3. Plan your trip- Plan your car rides so that you are taking care of multiple errands at the same time.

4. Cut down on your driving- One of the simplest ways to cut down on gas emission is simply to drive less often.  Plan a movie night, instead of going out to see one. This will save you money in two ways: 1) on the cost of a movie and 2) you won’t have to spend money on gas.

Go Green, or go home. Or do both at the same time!




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